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Friday, September 25, 2009

An envious boyfriend takes action

Transgendered Warren always loved Sharon, but not how she thought
TG captions envious boyfriendSharon hadn't seen her former boyfriend Warren for over two years. They had dated for nearly three but then work commitments had torn them apart. Sharon had moved across the country and they agreed to stay in contact and had exchanged e-mails now and then but nonetheless drifted apart. Now Sharon was back in town for a visit and they had agreed to meet up. Warren explained that he had gone through 'some changes' but nothing could prepare Sharon for what she saw when 'Warren' opened the door.

They had agreed to meet at Warren's apartment and although Warren had said he had 'restarted his life' he would never go into details. Sharon found the address and rang the bell eager to see her friend again. The door opened and a gorgeous blonde in sexy lacy lingerie answered the door. For a moment Sharon assumed that the blonde was Warren's new girlfriend and she had to admire her taste in underwear. Sharon was something of a lingerie girl herself and the beautiful chemise and matching thong panties were quite charming.
"Hi Sharon," said the blonde girl. "It's me, Warren."
Sharon gasped but then she looked closer and could see the face under the perfect make up was that of Warren.
"Warren! What happened?" she asked in amazement.
"It was you," Warren explained as he welcomed her in. "As much as I loved you I was always so envious of you for being a girl. I loved the clothes you wear especially your underwear. When you moved away I couldn't bear it any more so I decided to live out my dream and become a girl. Now I am Wendy and enjoying every minute of it."
Once Sharon had overcome her shock she found she had a lot more in common with Wendy than she ever had with Warren and now the two of them are much better friends.