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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Jennifer teaches her ballerina boyfriend a lesson

Brian should have known how protective girls are of their clothes
Jennifer wasn't amused when she came home and found her boyfriend Brian wearing her ballet tutu, prancing around the room and saying to himself in high-pitched girly voice "I'm a good girl now".
Brian was so shocked at being discovered that he couldn't resist as Jennifer bent him over her knee.

"I noticed someone had been going through my clothes but I never expected this," she stormed as she forced Brian over her knee. "You come here, naughty girl. You know better than to take things without permission."
"I'm sorry Jen," Brian pleaded, "I don't know what came over me."
"I know just what came over you, girly" Jennifer said as she drew back her hand. "If you want to be a girl you have to take it like a girl."
And she proceeded to spank Brian on the bottom and he wriggled about in shame.


Milliscent said...

Let us hope for both their sakes that Brian's spankings become a very regular thing!

Yoyo said...

There is nothing better than an over the knee spanking for sissies, daily!