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Friday, May 08, 2009

Sorority fun

The girls have some fun when Nigel passes out at their sorority party
TG captions feminized by sorority girlsNigel woke up with his head spinning. It had been a hell of a party at the sorority house and he had passed out some time in the early morning from too much bear. He took a few minutes to settle his head and then looked around him. He was lying in a bed that wasn't his and as his eyes focused he found he was in a girl's bedroom and lying in her bed. He chuckled to himself. There was no sign of the girl but he assumed they had spent the night together. Something seemed to be wrapped around his body but when he looked down he was shocked to see he was wearing a bra.
He got out of the bed and looked down to see he was wearing white panties. Nigel felt a tight knot in his stomach. The stories of what frat boys did to girls who passed out at their parties were the stuff of legend but what did sorority girls do to boys that fell into their grasp?
He ran his hands through his hair an immediately knew it felt different. He ran to the dressing table and picked up a small mirror to look at himself. His hair had been died blonde, cut short and he was wearing make-up. With a sinking feeling he realized that he body was completely shaved and his eyebrows had been plucked.
There was a knock at the door and a girl's voice called out to him.
"Are you awake in their girly-boy, we need the room."
Nigel heard several girls giggling behind the door.
"Uh, just a minute," he said looking around for his clothes. With horror he realized that they were no where to be found. He was going to have face the girls as he was, wearing a bra and panties and all dolled up.
"Time's up," called another voice and a moment later the door burst open as five girls streamed into the room.
"Do you like the panties and bra we chose for you," asked a brunette wearing a t-shirt and cheerleader shorts. "We put in such a lot of effort to make you look good for you pictures."
"Pictures, what pictures?" Nigel asked.
"The ones on the sorority sites of course!" answered a small blonde girl brightly.
"After you fell asleep we decided to give you a little makeover and photoshoot," the brunette said.
"Where are my clothes?" Nigel demanded. He just wanted to get out as soon as possible. "I'm going, I've had enough of this."
"Those are all the clothes you are getting out of us," the brunette said. "You can walk home in your underwear. And don't be shy, you are quite famous on campus already."

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jellybean said...

I would be scared to death, but WAAAAAY down deep it would be really exciting. As I go out to try to get back to my room, the tenseness would start for real.

Later, I think that I would want to go back and thank them for the fun....maybe not.