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Monday, May 07, 2012

Wearing panties to put him in his place

Lisa forces her husband to wear panties
Sam felt guilty wearing panties under his jeans
Jessica watched as her husband Sam put on his clothes. He hesitated as he picked up the frilly white panties.
"Is this really necessary," he asked but Jessica was not to be persuaded.
"Yes, John, it is," she said firmly. "It's the only way that I can be sure you won't get up to any more mischief at work."
She was still seething after finding out that Sam had been flirting with all the women  at the depot where he worked. Little did Sam know but Lisa, the receptionist and Jessica were in the same Pilates class and Lisa quickly called up Jessica to let her know what her errant husband was up to. When Jessica heard that Sam had suggested to some of the women that they go for drinks after work she laid down her ultimatum: Sam was to wear girls' underwear until further notice to make sure he kept his pants on at work.
Sam had no choice. He pulled on the soft white panties and felt guilty at how comfortable they were and how well the fit him. Jessica watched as he pulled on his jeans and smirked to herself behind his back at how the frilly undies fit her husband's bottom quite nicely.
Sam blushed as finished getting dressed and headed out to work. He felt like everyone could see he was wearing women's underwear.
As soon as he was gone Jessica picked up the phone and called Lisa. Preventing her husband from being a naughty boy was one thing, but he still needed to be humiliated for what he had done. When Lisa answered the phone Jessica filled her in on the details and by the time John got to work all the girls knew who the new sissy was...


Sallymaid said...


Emily :) said...

This is great - it's always good to see a new caption here!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee... too much fun (for them!)

jellybean said...

I'm a man, and I say SUPER WONDERFUL for putting him in panties.
Maybe she should also think about putting him into chastity.

He has everything he needs right at home...he has no need for playing around at work or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I'm making my panty- waisted boyfriend wear " Panties n nylons too!" so so sweet!" I've blackmail pictures to boot?" Gretchen O.

Anonymous said...

Nice touch and I would bet the panties feel good too.