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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He can't help himself

Dave was caught wearing panties again
Dave was caught wearing panties, again.
Sandra looked down at her boyfriend Dave as he crouched on the bed. She had just come back from the shower and caught him wearing her panties, yet again. She had warned him about taking her underwear and that if was caught wearing them there would be consequences.
At first she had fumed at him, then she ordered him to crouch face down on the bed so that she could get to him.
The first time she had found him trying on a pair of red thong panties. Then it had been a pair of sky blue cotton briefs. This was the third time and he would pay for it dearly.
"You know I told you not to wear my panties," she said sternly.
"Yes," he whimpered.
"You know that being caught mean consequences?"
"Yes, please, I'm sorry."
Sandra smiled to herself. She could see him quivering in fear beneath her.
"I could tell the whole world about you or punish you myself," she said enjoying herself now.
Sandra waited no longer. She smacked David hard on his panty-covered bottom and he jumped in surprise at the sting of it.
"You deserve a good spanking you naughty sissy-boy," she said and smacked him again before he could answer. As she swung another blow at him Sandra allowed herself a little giggle. It was clear that Dave couldn't help himself and that's why she made sure to leave the panties out where he would find them. She would have her fun for as long as it entertained her and then, perhaps she would get her friends in on the party...

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jellybean said...

I would LOVE to have Sandra find me with her panties on, and I think that I would be tempted to ask her If I should lower them before she spanks.