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Friday, January 13, 2012

Memory Maid

Sissy maid Freddy can't remember anything except to be a good girl
Freddy was a forgetful maid but his girlfriend didn't mind
As he walked along the hall towards the salon Freddy paused for a moment. He had the feather duster in his hand and he knew he was supposed to do some dusting but now he couldn't remember if he was supposed to put the laundry on before or afterwards. He thought hard for a moment but it just wouldn't come to him so he headed into the salon where his girlfriend Karen was in an armchair reading.
"Excuse Miss Karen" Freddy said politely and gave a quick curtsey, "should I put the laundry on before the dusting or afterwards."
"Afterwards," Karen said without looking up. As Freddy scuttled off to the dusting Karen sighed to herself . Hypnotizing Freddy to make him into her personal housemaid had saved her doing all the housework but his memory was very weak. She supposed it was all the intense hypnosis to remove his male awareness but it could be quite irritating when he kept asking for instructions. She watched him as he moved around the room in his short sexy maid outfit. Every time he bent over she could see his ruffled panties and Karen smiled to herself. No doubt about it, it was worth it the trouble....


Joanna said...

This combines two of my favourite, if that's the right word, ways of making the masculine feminine as well as being helpless.

Because of this, I like it very much. Thank you.

whyguys said...

Delightful scenario of the male having lost all remembrance of ever having a 'masculine' past!