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Monday, January 30, 2012

Learning to be graceful

Tommy didn't enjoy his sissy training
Tommy didn't like his sissy training
Tommy blinked back tears as he stared at the stern-looking women in front of him. He could feel his cheeks burning with shame at his predicament. He was wearing a ballerinas outfit complete with tutu and white tights. When he had first been sent to the correctional facility for his anti-social behavior he thought it would just be a few weeks of being told off and told to be a good boy in future. He hadn't been there more than three hours and they already had him sissified and dressed as girl dancer.
"Why do I have to do this?" he demanded.
"Because you must learn to be delicate and graceful before we let you back into the public," one of the women said. All three of them seemed to be smirking at him although they were very serious when the spoke to him. "Now, show us again how a butterfly walks."
"I shan't do it!" Tommy said angrily. "I'm not a girl."
"You will be by the time you leave..."

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