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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boardroom boredom

Danny enjoyed the feeling of being one of the girls
Crossdressing at work is a thrill
Danny ran his hands up and down  his perfectly smooth legs as up as the short tight mini-skirt he was wearing. He looked down at the high heels he was wearing and giggled then walked around his large office swinging his hips just like the young women who worked in the office outside. As the head of a large company his office was sacred and no one would enter without knocking first. The privacy enabled him to enjoy his feminine side by wearing skirt, pantyhose and heels in the office. He sat on the edge of his desk and crossed his legs enjoying the feeling of his silky skin. Wearing women's clothes at work gave him a thrill that took the boredom out of board meetings. He picked up the newspaper and browsed the business news. Just then his intercom rang, it was Lisa, his secretary letting him know she had a cup of coffee for him. Danny shivered with delight and sat down at his large desk. From the other side no one could see him from the waist down. He told Lisa to come in and smiled as she place the coffee on his desk, watching the way she walked as she left to learn exactly how to do it As the door closed Danny sat back and stroked his legs again. If only she knew, he giggled to himself...

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Sissi314Kris said...

love your work, keep it up x