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Friday, August 05, 2011

The consequences of enjoying TG Captions

The consequences of your girlfriend discovering your TG Captions
Henry paid the price of enjoying TG Captions
Sally and Caroline still couldn't believe what they were seeing right in front of their eyes. Jane's boyfriend Henry was doing her ironing and carefully folding each item as he finished it. Yet what made the sight so truly extraordinary was that Henry seemed to be dressed as girl.

He was wearing Jane's very short denim hot pants, a very feminine top and a pair of her very high heels. He even had a cute page-boy wig on his head. As the girls watched Henry gave them an embarrassed look and then quickly focused on his ironing.
It was Sally who spoke first.
"How on earth did you get him to do your ironing and why is he dressed as a little sexpot?" she asked.
"It was easy once I found out he was reading TG Captions on the Internet," Jane explained.
"TG Captions? Caroline asked. "What are those?"
"Pictures with captions that are supposed to be boys dressed as girls. Apparently our little Henry here fantasizes about being a girl."
The girls looked at Henry and could see his face going pink as the details of his weakness were explained.
"Anyway," Jane continued. "Henry here simply can't resist being dressed as a girl. It was easy to get him to do what I want just by teasing him into panties. Then I told him I would tell the whole world if he didn't buckle up and become a good little girl helping with the housework."
The girls were impressed.
"Do you mean to say he is wearing a bra and panties as well?" Caroline giggled?
"Oh yes, lacy thong and frilly bra, aren't you Henry?" Jane directed the question at her blushing boyfriend.
"Yes Jane," Henry mumbled.
"Why are you telling us about this? I thought it was supposed to be a secret?" Sally wanted to know.
"I know, but yesterday he suggested that maybe this whole game had gone to far so I wanted to give him a taste of what I can do if he isn't a good girl. It's only because he pleaded with me for an hour on his knees that I didn't invite Cheryl, Susan, Alice, Sarah and Molly too..."


SkyDave said...

its just one of the prices you have to be willing to pay when you want to be a beautiful woman.

Sissy Kaptions said...

i adore your site! Please keep posting more, i need my fix hehe.... honestly your site is the reason i created my own blog you are an amazing writer/story teller girl!

juliana75 said...

so sweet !!! I love your "caught with consequences" captions. thank you soo much