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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Queen of the gym

Ryan's hormones worked better than he expected
Ryan worked his new body
When Ryan saw how cheap he could buy steroids online he didn't hesitate to buy some and start taking them right away. As an avid body-builder he was willing to try anything to give him the kind of body others would envy. He was always frustrated that because of his small size he could never pump the same weights as the big guys don't at the gym, most of whom treated him as an amateur. Eventually he stopped going to the gym because he felt so inadequate. However, once he started taking the steroids he began to notice his body changing, although not as he expected.
At first he was pleased with the way his chest seemed to be expanding but then he noticed that something was wrong. His hips seemed to be widening too and he was losing the v-shape he had worked so hard for. He decided to keep going because aside from the shape changes his body had never felt better.  It wasn't until after six weeks of taking the large pink pills that he noticed that it wasn't that his chest was expanding but rather that he was growing breasts. He took a good long look in the mirror it all began to make sense. The swelling of his hips, the softening of his skin, the fact that he felt so different. He thought back over the past couple of weeks, how he had switched shower gel to something from the women's section, how he had decided to grow his hair much longer, how for the first time ever, he had started to wonder what it would feel like to wear spandex. The pills must be female hormones not steroids! Ryan was about to throw the bottle away but something made him stop. He took another look in the mirror. His body really was starting to look good. Not in a masculine way, but as a woman. He was fit and trim and his legs were amazing. He was halfway through the course of pills, so what harm would it do to finish them and see how he looked? He would even have his body waxed so that he could really appreciate the look. In fact, he thought, perhaps he should order the bumper bottle of pills while they were still in stock.
Four months later a new girl joined the gym. In her bikini top and tight pink spandex leggings she was queen of the gym and the envy of every man and woman in the room. As Ryan pumped some barbells he smiled to himself;  buying those pills was the best mistake he had ever made.


Anonymous said...

Wish that happened to me

Danyelle TS in FL said...

That would truly be a dream come true. I wish I knew where to get some pills like that.