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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Caught with consequences of a good spanking

Titillating TG Captions
The girls made Harry spank himself
Harry had never been so embarrassed in all his life. He was bent over wearing nothing but a pair of  white satin panties while Beth and her sister Lilly watched him spank himself. Beth was his girlfriend's room mate and she had just caught him trying on a pair of her panties when she came home early with her sister. Harry pleaded with them not to tell his girlfriend and they agreed on condition he suffer the consequences.  Now they demanded that sissy Harry receive a good spanking but since neither of them wanted to touch him he had to administer it himself. The counted out each stroked and kept him at it until his poor rear end was glowing red. Yet still they kept him at it, not wanting to end the fun...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice caption, I love when sissies get their comeuppance!