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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fitting his panties

He wear panties all the time now
He just has to get used to them
Titillating TG Captions: Learning to wear panties
Roy still wasn't used to the way his panties seemed to have a mind of their own
Linda smirked to herself as she watched her husband Roy adjust the white cotton panties. He reached behind him and quickly tugged them down and then let them snap back into place. She smiled at how feminine a thing it was to do.
"Stop playing around with your underwear," she admonished him. She had made Roy wear panties for two weeks and although he had accepted that from now on he would be wearing only girls' underwear he still didn't seem to be comfortable in them.
"They keep riding up," he complained.
"Of course they do, all hi-leg panties do occasionally. Just get used to it or I'll make you wear a thong."
Roy sighed. He didn't know how girls managed but his wife seemed determined that he find out.


Chaste Hubby said...

Love the caption. My mens underwear are boxers - riding up becomes an even more interesting experience when you make the change from boxers to panties. ;)

jellybean said...

Panties are so comfortable once you get used to wearing them. Yes, they ride up a little, who cares. Pink is my favorite but most every other color comes in a close second.