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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Becoming used to his feminization

A month feminized as a woman is all it takes
Barry felt comfortable in his lingerie
When Barry's wife Lynda challenged him to spend a month as a woman he had no idea just how far she would go to give him an authentic feminine experience. She made him shave his body and take good care of his skin. He had worn only panties and a bra the whole time and while at home he was always clad in her prettiest clothes. Now the month was up and it was time to revert to being a man.

Barry has second thoughts
Barry sat in an armchair and ran his hands up and down his hairless arms and legs. He was wearing a matching set of silk peach camisole and french knickers. The cool silk felt wonderful against his skin as he looked down on his perfectly manicured and painted toenails. The faint sent of the perfume he had applied that morning filled his nostrils. He had learned a lot about being a woman over the month and had grown closer than ever to his wife. Instead of silent evenings in front of the television they now chatted all evening long, discussing fashion and recipes, gossiping about her girlfriends, planning surprise parties and shopping trips. Was he really going to give all this up?
When Lynda came home later that evening  she found Barry still sitting in the armchair in his lingerie.
Their eyes met and she could see the pleading desperate look in his eyes. He was never going back to being a man.


sissyjaime said...

Who would?? (love the pic)

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Barry is lovely. Nice to see a cute cap with a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

This is how I felt shaving and dressing as a girl as a young teen for the first times! I knew that was how it should be and I never wanted it to end!

Anonymous said...

It also happened to me, now there is no turning back, I tried but to no avail, it's in my blood for life!!!

jellybean said...

Once its in your blood, its there forever. You lucky lady.

If you haven't learned all of the ins and outs of CDing, you soon will. Its an exciting world out there, be try to be a little careful. Try to travel with 1 or 2 others just to be safe.
Lots of good luck to all of you out there.

The Explorer said...

very hot