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Thursday, January 13, 2011

He wears panties for the feel good feeling

But his lingerie gives him away

Dan was walking though the park when he spied his ex-girlfriend Kathy coming the other way. They had just broken up and it had been ugly, ending in a loud argument. He considered changing direction but decided he wasn't going to be intimidated by her. Kathy was walking with another girl and when the were close enough they finally noticed him coming the other way. For a moment the two girls seemed shocked to see him but then they marched over to confront him.
As they came closer Dan noticed that the other girl seemed familiar. He couldn't place the face but he was sure he had seen her somewhere before.
Girls love to share a secret
"Hello, Dan," Kathy said. There was something about the way she stressed his name that worried Dan. He didn't want a scene here in the park. He would just be polite and civil.
"Hello Kathy."
"Hi, I'm," Gina said the other girl with a smirk on her face.
Dan felt his heart stop as Gina's face suddenly sprang up in his memory. Of course, she worked in the lingerie shop he had been to. He had gone there to cheer himself up by buying some pretty lingerie after the break up. Dan felt a panic begin to rise as he recalled how he had openly told the girl that he was buying for himself and had even had a detailed conversation with her about how soft cotton panties were the most comfy, but satin made him feel sexy. No one knew of his crossdressing fun, he was very much in the closet. No one until now, that is. Perhaps she wouldn't say anything.
"How are the new panties?" Gina asked loudly.
Dan felt his knees go weak, but tried to bluff his way out of it.
"What do you mean?" he asked trying to look innocent.
"Yes, what do you mean?" Kathy asked. "Has he been buying lingerie for someone? I'll bet that creep was cheating on me."
"Oh no," Gina explained, "he told me he was buying for himself. He loves wearing girls' panties and lingerie. He said it makes him feel feminine and pretty."
There was a few moments of silence while Kathy stared at Dan with her mouth open in disbelief.
"I really think you must be mistaken," Dan stammered.
"I'm not. How many men do you think come into my shop to buy lingerie for themselves? How are the pink panties you bought for yourself? I suppose you are wearing them right now."
Dan felt his face heat up and tried his best to stay calm but it didn't work. He had bought a pair of bright pink frilly panties with small satin bows on the side. He remembered how much fun it had been to tell Gina at the time how pink was his favorite color especially for panties and he wore them as often as he could.
"Oh my goodness," shrieked Kathy, "look at his face. It must be as pink as his panties. I'll bet he is wearing them right now. Well this explains a lot doesn't it you little sissy. No wonder you were such a pathetic boyfriend."
"Are you feeling pretty Daniella?" Kathy continued but now speaking to him in a little girl voice. "Do you have your big girl panties on today?"
Now both girls were laughing loudly and Dan was just desperate to get away.
"If you are just going to be silly then I have nothing to say," he said but even he could hear the quiver in his voice. He started to walk on, ignoring the jeers of the girls. Then he felt two pairs of hands grab him, one pair grabbing his arms while the other pulled down the waist of his pants and grabbed at his undies. He felt the panties jerked up and then Kathy's triumphant shout.
"You were right Gina! He is wearing his pink panties."


Steffie said...

Mmmm, gives me wonderful memories. This happened to me ...

This is an excellent choice of photo for the photo, two girls who know "something" !!!

Barry said...

This could have been a good story if the outcome was that the girlfriend from the lingerie shop was turned on by his panties, dumped the ex, and Dan and she got together for a hot , steamy session, with them both dressed in sexy panties and thigh highs. O well, maybe next time Dan will get that lucky

Anonymous said...

Great story! How delicious to be embarrassed like that in front of an ex-girlfriend. I bet Dan played the macho boy too! Now he's in panties! Swishy-good!
Missy Marine