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Friday, January 21, 2011

A girl makes an easiy choice

To be she or not to be she?
Trevor contemplated his feminization
Trevor slowly woke up from his deep sleep. He felt uncomfortable lying on his chest and rolled over on to his side. It felt much more comfortable because there were some things growing out of his chest and they felt like breasts.

Trevor brought his arm up to his chest and felt himself. There was no question about it, he had breasts. He snapped fully awake with a feeling of panic rising up inside of him. His whole body felt strange, much more supple and light, smooth and sensitive. He began to feel himself all over and there was no doubt at all that where ever he touched, he felt the body of a woman. It must have been the potion.
For weeks Trevor's sister Jilly had been enthusing about a potion she bought from a magic potions shop she had found. She claimed that a teaspoon a week of the potion had made her feel more alive and well than she had ever felt before. Trevor had scoffed at the idea of a magic potion but he had to admit that his sister was blossoming in a way she had never seemed to before. The previous night Trevor had sneaked into her room to have a look at the bottle of potion on her dresser. It was called the 'Lavender Elixir' and came in a purple glass bottle. Trevor opened the bottle and a heady smell of lavender and other scents floated out. For a few moments Trevor contemplated the bottle and then told himself again there was no such thing as magic. In fact, he was going to prove it to himself by taking a swig from the bottle. The liquid inside came out fast than he expected and he swallowed a mouthful of the potion before he realized it. The liquid was sweet tasting and warmed his stomach. Almost immediately he felt a warm glow spread around his body. He quickly put the lid back on and left the room before his sister came back. Before long Trevor began to feel drowsy and decided to go to bed. That night he had a series of wild dreams, none of which made any sense but all seemed to involve him changing shape. Now that he had woken up he found that he had the body of woman.
Feminized overnight
Trevor got out of bed and looked at himself in the mirror. He now had the body of a slim young woman with long black hair and perfect skin. He almost felt embarrassed to be studying himself like that and looked around for something to wear. Everyone else had already gone out so he had the place to himself. His own underwear didn't really fit him any more and it felt scratchy so he went to his sister's room. Feeling guilty he found a pair of pale green cotton panties and pulled them on then found himself enjoying the snug fit of the underwear.
"So, this is why girls like their underwear so much," he thought to himself. He looked down at his breasts and thought about putting on a bra. They weren't very big and he doubted his sister's bra would fit him. He went over to the wardrobe and was about to open the door. He knew his sister had a some really nice tops and skirts and he was sure he could borrow something to wear.
"What the hell?" he said out aloud to himself. "Since when do I know anything about what Jilly wears?"
Feeling ashamed he went back to his room and put on his dressing gown. It felt heavy and rough against his soft skin and it had a funny smell. Trevor sighed to himself and took off the gown and went to get his sister's pink robe instead. Then he went down to the kitchen to find the phone book and look up the potion shop. He found the number and dialed and a woman answered the phone.
"Hi, is that the Potion Shop?" he asked, shocked at how soft and light his voice now sounded.
"I'm calling about the 'Lavender Elixir'."
"Ah yes, one of our more powerful potions. What would you like to know?"
"What exactly does it do?"
"It boosts femininity. All it takes is a teaspoonful a week and you gain all the feminine development of a year over night. Would you like to buy some?"
Trevor felt weak as he thought about how many teaspoons he must have gulped.
"Is there an antidote?" he asked.
"An antidote? Why would anyone want that?"
"Erm, I think I took too much."
"Well, a girl can't really take too much, it is just unnecessary and much better to spread it out over time. It is really only a problem for men."
"What does it do to men?"
The woman laughed.
"Well, I suppose it would be a bit like having a very intense course of estrogen along with quite a bit of plastic surgery. Did a boy drink some?"
"Yes, I did."
The woman was silent for a few moments. Trevor heard some whispering in the background.
"Well, you had better come along and we will have a look at you," she said and Trevor could hear the smile on her face as she said it. "Boys should know better than to touch things that are for girls only."
Trevor told her he would come right away but when he got back up to his room he realized that none of his old clothes would fit. He would have to use some of Jilly's things. He went back to her room and opened her wardrobe. As soon as he caught sight of all the different colors and fabrics, styles and designs, he felt his heart leap. Jilly liked to dress well but he had never noticed before how exciting a lot of her clothes were. He pulled out a pair of stretch jeans and pulled them on. They fit perfectly and he had added a tight green top then looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn't help admiring himself and even turned around to check out how they fit on his butt. He was delighted to see that his rear end looked round, feminine and sexy in the jeans. He was about to leave but then his eye fell on a frilly black party dress hanging in the closet. He had seen Jilly wear it and it looked really good on her.
"If I'm already here I might as well try in on," he thought and pulled off the jeans and top. The dress felt light, floaty and very sexy as he turned this way and that in the mirror. Next came a jeans miniskirt and a vest, then a pair of black lycra leggings with a yellow satin shirt. He tried on a bright red bodysuit and then all three of Jilly's bikinis. Before he knew it two hours had passed and he realized he had to get to the shop. It was hard to tear himself away but he knew he had to make a move. He finally selected a gray stretch cotton mini-dress and put a pink jacket on top, then found a pair of flat shoes to go with it. He checked his reflection and liked what he saw. He borrowed a handbag from Jilly's collection, put his wallet and keys in it, and head to the door.
In public as a girl
At first he was afraid to leave, worried about appearing in public as a girl. He checked to make sure there were no neighbors around and then quickly slipped out the door. As he walked down the street Trevor felt that the whole world must be looking at him because here was a boy dressed as a girl. Yet with each step he felt more comfortable. He liked the way the soft cotton fabric of the dress felt against his thighs as he walked and enjoyed the feeling of his hair in the light breeze. As he walked along the road a woman smiled at him and he realized she was just being friendly. He passed a shop that was being renovated and three workmen stopped what they were doing to look at him. Trevor felt himself beginning to panic as he noticed their leering looks and then they began to whistle at him. He felt a warm thrill shoot through him and despite himself added a little more wiggle to his walk. This was fun!
He walked through the park to take a shortcut and for the first time in his life he noticed all the colors. The green of the grass, the deep brown of the trees, the soft colors of the flowers and the smells of nature. He had never felt so alive and well and he loved himself and the world more with each step.
For feminized Trevor there can only be one choice
Trevor stopped and sat on a park bench. From where he was sitting he could see the street where the potion shop was located. He needed to think. Did he really want to change back? As crazy as it seemed he had no idea that being a girl could feel so good. He thought back to how he had felt trying on Jilly's clothes. He remembered the smoothness of a pair of green satin pants, the lightness of her aerobics leotards, the cozy warmth of her fluffy sweaters. He remembered how bright and cheerful her multicolored socks looked and how comfortable her panties felt. Then he thought of all the smiles he had received from other women as he walked along the street, the knowing look that only women can share with each other.
But what of his family and friends? Could he really begin life anew as a girl? Trevor made his decision. He got up and hurried to the potion shop. When he arrived he marched straight up to the counter where a young woman was waiting to serve customers.
"I'd like the biggest bottle of Lavender Elixir you have please," Trevor said...


Linda Marie Daniels said...

A very well done story!

jellybean said...

I loved it a bunch. Many times in my past, I would fantasize about being turned into a girl and wake up having the body of a real pretty girl. What a fantasy.

I think that he/she did exactly what I would have done.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy being a girl i like to play with girls stuff, and wear girls clothes i feminize myself because want to i also like playing with girls i'm comfortable with it totally. said...

I am a girl that's the way like it playing with girls suff wearing girls clothes, playing with girls, and dressing up as a feminine girl cute, and pretty, i am so comfortable with that totally.