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Friday, November 05, 2010

Beth's feminized secret

Girls know just what sissys are for

Lisa couldn't believe her eyes
Beth and Lisa chatted happily as the walked along the street, their heels clicking with each step. Both were wearing tight short black skirts that made the best of their legs that drew many admiring glances.
"Would you like to come in for coffee?" Beth asked her friend.
"Oh, I don't want to bother you, you must have so much to do at home," Lisa replied. "We've spent so much time today already."
"Oh, don't worry about that, I have it all taken care of," Beth said with smile.
It had been a very pleasant afternoon; first the girls went to the mall for a manicure and then spent a couple of hours trying on clothes in shops, and they had spent a good hour shoe shopping. After that they went to look at some curtains that Lisa wanted for her bedroom before they finally decided to call it a day.
Lisa had often wondered how Beth managed to keep her apartment so neat and tidy despite having such a busy social life. Her friend worked full time and seemed to spend every available moment out with friends socializing. She was sure she couldn't afford to pay for a cleaner all the time. This seemed like a good time to ask and as they rode the lift up to Beth's apartment she asked how she did it.
"Well," Beth said furtively, "I have a little secret but you must promise not to tell anyone."
"Okay, I promise."
Lisa wondered how her friend managed so much
Both girls knew that a promise between girlfriends would be trusted and kept.
"Do you remember that course I did on suggestive therapy and hypnosis?" Beth asked.
"Yes, you said it was very interesting."
"Well, I tried it out on my neighbor Dave and the results were quite satisfactory."
Lisa couldn't see how the course could have anything to do with Beth's housework. Dave was Beth's next door neighbor and was always trying to ask the girls out even though they weren't interested.
"What on earth do you mean?"
"Wait and see" Beth giggled as she unlocked the door.
As the girls came into the apartment Lisa could hear the vacuum cleaner working. She must have a cleaner after all, Lisa thought and then, to her surprise she saw a housemaid, complete with a maid uniform working in the middle of Beth's salon. The maid had her back to them and hadn't heard the girls come in because of the noise from the vacuum cleaner.
"I'm home," Beth said loudly.
The maid turned around and Lisa got her second surprise of the day. It was Dave, crossdressed as a sexy maid with white stocking, heels, and a little lace band in the wig on his head. He was made up quite nicely and as he turned around he moved in a feminine way.
"Hello Miss Beth," Dave said in a very camp and feminine voice. "I was just doing the floor."
Beth's feminized maid
"Well, Lisa and I would like some coffee," Beth instructed him.
"Yes Miss Beth," Dave said and immediately minced off to the kitchen to do her bidding.
Lisa was speechless. She had never seen anything like it.
"What's going on?" she asked.
"I hypnotized him," Beth said proudly.
"You what?!?"
"He come over one day asking to borrow a cup of sugar or something just an excuse to come in here. So I used the skills I learnt on the course to hypnotize him and get him to do my housework."
"But why the uniform and the feminization?"
"Well, I found that it wasn't so easy to just have him clean because, after all, he is only a boy. I had to get him completely into the mindset and provide the external stimuli too. I had to get him to think like a girl so that he would clean properly. He seemed to like it and one thing led to another. Most of the time he lives his own life but whenever I use the trigger word on him he becomes Dave the Housemaid and thinks he is a girl. If you ask me, his much more pleasant like this."
"You turned him into a housemaid!" Lisa exclaimed.
"I know," Beth giggled. "He's very cute isn't he?"
By now Lisa was laughing too.
"Can I borrow him?"
"Of course..."
Dave came back from the kitchen carrying a tray with two steaming cups of coffee and some cookies. The girls beamed at him and smiled back happily. He liked working for Miss Beth, she was always so polite to him...


Stephanie said...

Wow , hypnotised and dressed as a maid to do my neighbours bidding ! great caps i love them ! keep up the great work xx

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Love this story! Cute pictures, too.

gajo said...

I sypmly love the storie. If only could read about the process, the scene of how she did it.