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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Panty thief punished

Mark is forced to crossdress to keep his secret
Mark crossed his legs and tried to settle down. He was terrified at any moment someone would realize that he wasn't the sexy blonde woman he appeared to be. He was sitting in the middle of town on a busy broad-walk dressed in a ridiculously short denim mini skirt, FMBs, and a blonde wig.
If only he hadn't been caught going through Sharon's panty drawer.

Sharon was his girlfriend Lori's roommate. The week before he had gone round there to drop something off for Lori while she was staying late at work. He let himself in with a spare key and called out to see if anyone was in. There was no answer. It was just the chance he had hoped for. As much as he liked Lori, Sharon was really cute and he headed straight for her room. He had often wondered what her underwear looked like and he now he would find out. He opened her top drawer and was thrilled to find it brimming over with silk bras, lacy thong panties and sexy lingerie. He held up a pair of bright green silk panties and tried to imagine how Sharon would look in them. On the spur of the moment he decided to take them and stuffed them in his pocket.
"What are you doing you little pervert?" came the shout from behind him.
He spun around and there was Sharon standing in the door with a pair of garden clippers in her hand. She must have been on the balcony tending to her plants.
Mark was caught red-handed and he knew it. Sharon came storming across the room and snatched the panties out of his hands.
"Just wait till Lori hears about this," she fumed and pulled out her mobile phone.
There was nothing left for Mark to do, so he begged for forgiveness. At first Sharon couldn't be persuaded but eventually he looked to pathetic she agreed to not make the call on condition that she could punish him as she saw fit. Mark agreed, and hoped that perhaps he would get out of this. Once he found out what Sharon had in mind he wasn't so sure he had made the right choice.
She told him to come around the next week and proceeded to feminize him completely dressing in some of her old clothes and making him look just like a woman. But then she insisted he sit on a bench in the center of town for a whole hour. Mark was nearly crying when she dropped him off from her car and he quickly found a seat and buried his head in a book.
He felt like he had been sitting there for at least half an hour and checked his watch. To his dismay only ten minutes had passed. He took a deep breath and tried to focus on the book he had brought with but all he could think about was that he was crossdressed in broad daylight. He fought down the panic tried to calm himself.
The he heard a familiar voice. It was Lori walking right towards him and talking on her mobile phone. As she got nearer he could make out what she was saying.
"Sharon, will you stop playing games with me, what am I supposed to be looking for here? A surprise? Mark has a surprise for me? Sharon there is no one here except some tart looking completely out of place. She what? No, I don't know her...wait a minute...MARK! What that hell are you doing?" 

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